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i stand amazed

i stand amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nazarene
and wonder how He could love me, a sinner condemned unclean
singin how marvelous, how wonderful and my song..shall ever be
how marvelous, how wonderful, is My Savior’s love for Me
He took my sin and my sorrow, and He made them His very own
He bore the burden to Calvary and suffered and died alone
singin how marvelous, how wonderful and my song shall ever be
how marvelous, how wonderful is My Savior’s love for Me
how marvelous, how wonderful and my song shall ever be
how marvelous, how wondeful is My Savior’s love for Me
and with the ransom in Glory His face I, at last, shall see
will be my joy through the ages to sing of his love for me
everybody’s singin how marvelous, how wonderful and my song shall ever be
how marvelous, how wonderful. is My Savior’s love for Me

music music music

wow…what an incredible day to be a music lover like myself..i have been waiting for this day, september 26th for a while now….since last spring actually…..not bcuz i knew i had a quiz in histroy……last wk John Mayer’s “Continuum”, last night i got to download an hr early Chris Tomlin’s “See the Morning” (see previous blog) and then today i previewed Big Daddy Weave’s “Every Time I Breathe” and Phillips Craig & Dean’s “From the Top of my Lungs” (which i know my dad will enjoy)….i love these moments where im just so overwhelmed with new music i dont know what to do with myself…call me crazy….call me psycho if u must…but i dig it…Chris really brings it home once again with all his deep lyrics, Big Daddy does a few remakes of older worship songs…i had liked “Let it Rise” b4 to some extent, but now i love Big Daddy’s version….

breakaway tonite, michael bleeker, worship pastor from the village church will be doin music so im pretty stoked about that…not sure if he can hang w/robbie seay and the gang….then we got the shanes comin to town next wk..which should be sweet….

tomorrow goin to LOC for Jeremy’s grandmother’s funeral……i’d much rather be going home on good terms….so keep Jer and all the Hellums family in ur prayers..

How can I keep from singing Your praise
How can I ever say enough
How amazing is Your love
How can I keep from shouting Your name
I know I am loved by the King
And it makes my heart want to sing
from Chris Tomlin’s “How Can I Keep From Singing”

until next time

See the Morning

Im jammin the new Tomlin album “See the Morning” due out this coming tuesday the 26th….I highly suggest it!!!!

You and I were made to worship, You and I were called to love, You and I are forgiven and free
If you and I embrace surrender, You and I choose to believe, You and I will see, what we were made to be

Feedback and Fidgetry

Last night I finally went to the student ministry on the A&M campus w/my friend Beth and some of her friends as well…Robbie Seay Band played as well, the final of what turns out to be 4 straight appearances at Breakaway…Which i was bummed when i found that out, coulda seen em the other 3 times…So as i sat there, not only during the worship, during the speaking as well…Worshipping w/thousands of other students was great, but things keep jumping out at me….Whether a blessing or a curse, sometimes it becomes both, being a sound guy, its my nature to critique wherever I go….Whether it be a church service, a big concert, whatever the case may be….I critique…..And sometimes I will have no complaints sound-wise…But those times are very few and far between, usually only being at a large event such as The Indescribable Tour w/Chris Tomlin….Sound was awesome, d&b speakers kick butt….all that to say, last night was part of the curse….I see a big worship band playing, sound wasnt horrible…Little things jumped at me like a snare with too much low end and not enough in the high-mid range to make it more “poppy” sounding, too much bleeding high hat, and dead toms that sounded more like a basketball hitting a hard gym floor….But all that I can handle, bcuz i’m not the best a mixing drums either….Thats why I let stanley, the “drum tech” as i like to call him, do his thing w/kick and toms then i do the rest…..But these little things, although insignificant to everyone else in the room, bothered me…..But i dealt w/it and did the best i could….Then Ben comes up to speak, he’s standing in the middle of the stage and its feeding back…..Lapel is THE hardest thing to EQ in a bad room….so i give the dude props for getting it as loud as it was, but it was still feeding back….And all the while it did, he would just bring the fader down…Although a quick response to such a problem, its not the solution…The solution would to be then adjust EQ accordingly…This guy never touched EQ the whole time….This troubles me, when i sit there and watch an obviously little trained engineer not handle something properly, knowing i could do better….so this brings me to a dillema…..i would love to break into doing sound for them, not wanting to run anybody off by any means, but just have a place for God to use me with the talents (sometimes curse) that he’s given me….Would they let a lowly freshman do sound for some 5 thousand college students??? My guess is NO…HECK NO…..but there’s gotta be something i can do to get my foot in the door….Any thoughts anyone???? Until next time….

incompetency and skelatons

its not that i’ve had nothing to say over that past few wks, ive had updates i wished to give….its just that i’ve had no reliable internet at mi casa…i have complained and complained to an obviusly incompetent company that has only 2 technicians on their whole staff responsible for taking care of apartment complexes…and i am sure that mine is not the only one they have….so therefore each time i call, i get the response “we dont know why you’re having trouble….and all of our techs are out on calls so all i can tell u is im sorry and i will put in a service ticket for you”….well…..while all of that mumbo-jumbo sounds promising, i’ve been told that now 3 times…last wk i was sure it would happen but i didnt receive a call all wk….so i heard that same thing again today, and then ultimately i was told that “if worse comes to worse, you might be forced to get service from another company”…and my thoughts are, thats a great idea, but…..why go elsewhere when this company should be competent and fix their issues…..i keep having to go elsewhere, and last wk was even forced to go to barnes & noble….i enjoyed it up until my browser page comes up and says “one time use is $3.95″…..but i had to do a quiz so therefore i had to pay it….no other choice….so i am becoming exceedingly frustrated with all of it….and my wknd can be summed up w/the pic….we got a real scare…..until next time

2nd wk so far and wknd….and the croc hunter props

i will give $100 to anyone who can guess my location…starting………….now………………….times up….sweet eugenes…i know nobody got it and im glad cuz i dont have a hundred bucks to spare…anyways, just finished my first quiz for my Govt class…got another one to do b4 tomorrow…happy happy joy joy i know….game went well on saturday…we won…yipee….but played horribly….lookin forward to playin oooh lala this wk…gettin used to my schedule finally, so thats helping….and i dont watch tv anymore, even on wknds….i read…what have i become?? a geek??? or another overworked college student??? u pick…..stever irwin was a G….i watched his stuff often…i will miss him..that is all….pics from last wk will follow…..until next time

first wk conclusion & other trinkets

first wk is coming to a good close…only one class today, not a killer….what is a killer is my history class and a new 300 pg novel every 2 wks…all in all 9 books….so ima be an avid reader this semester….work wk went ok, not doin much of nothin but showing my face and trying to become a familiar face….and hoping they notice that….first wk w/all the new gear tho is of course gonna be crazy…some pics posted in the press release on aggie athletics for ya……ready for tomorrow…first game as a student, should be fun…..happy anny to mom and dad…..26 yrs and still goin strong…happy early b-day ma as well..sit back and enjoy the pics….