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i got nothin

i’ve been blogless lately becuase i got nothin. i was chatting with my buddy stippy earlier and we both came to the same consensus. we just have nothin. nothin interesting to say. so here’s what’s had my attention lately:

cheers beautiful people


stalker video

i have a stalker. his name is @claydeezy. last night clay shot this of me right before the intro of our mens basketball game v. texas tech. my camera is live to the video board, and he is shooting to tape. and while he shot this, i am actually up live. that makes it a little more interesting.

quality is awful, and my dvd ripper choked it down to 4:3. its less than 10 seconds so who cares.


(for you rss reader folks, here’s the link:

cool quote

If your heart takes more pleasure in reading novels, or watching TV, or going to the movies, or talking to friends, rather than just sitting alone with God and embracing Him, sharing His cares and His burdens, weeping and rejoicing with Him, then how are you going to handle forever and ever in His presence…? You’d be bored to tears in heaven, if you’re not ecstatic about God now!?

-Keith Green

another good cause

everybody has seen the cool stuff from advent conspiracy and bloodwatermission and the countless other incredible organizations/movements.

but here’s something you may not have caught wind of yet. it’s called TOMS shoes. for every pair of shoes you buy, they send a pair to a child in need in a 3rd world country.¬† buy a pair for a kid in need, get a pair for yourself. i like that. and they look pretty legit. i know several people that wear these and they always speak highly of them. check out the video below. side note- if you register for the C3 conference, you get a free TOMS pair.

find a retailer nearest you and also check out their shoes online for dudes, chicks, and even the “tiny toms”. i’m not gonna lie, if i saw a little kid rockin these, i would think that kid is more legit than i. and nobody wants that.


celebrate advent with…

the hubble space telescope advent calendar.


a walking miracle

keith, one of my dad’s old buddies from beaumont, has an incredible story. i’ve met him several times, but had i not been told, i would have never known what God’s been up to with him. you will definitely want to take a minute and read about it HERE

tweet of the week

@nicburleson-“@jkburleson was folding my clothes & packing to leave for Thanksgiving. I made a smart-butt remark. Now I’m folding my clothes. Moron.”