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please hold

please excuse the last few wks, and the 2 1/2 to follow. the semester is winding down and a little thing called finals is coming (hence the coffee cup). and while trying to pull the A is long gone, in some instances trying to pull the C is upon me. if you were to ask me again why i hate school, i would fill the google server by naming the reasons. and why am i doing it in the summer too? great question. until then.

“this world is where i breathe. let it never be called home.”-jon foreman



"you guys wanna see my video?"

folks. meet uncle rico. uncle rico, meet the folks. no no no, he’s not my uncle. he may not even be a “real” uncle. but to millions of people all over the world, he’s known as uncle rico. maybe because he’s more popular than hannah montana. perhaps. uncle rico starred in a little indie film entitled napoleon dynamite”. maybe you’ve heard of it.

now i needed last wknd for a few reasons. working for the athletic dept, i always feel like people don’t appreciate what you do, and you’re work is only for a sole purpose of helping creating an unforgettable atmosphere for fans. while this is true, in another sense it’s preparing me for what God has in store for me in the future. maybe some can notice a difference in my videos of old to my recent work, but thats not my point. it’s a whole different ballgame when you work for the kingdom. i’ve seen this in doing sound as well. the club gig just is never as awesome as worshipping with thousands of peers, or with folks from your home church. the latter i got to experience this wknd. let me say right off, it was nothing i did, or said that made God wanna show up. it was only by his mere awesomeness and the prepared hearts of the people that he came; and not only came, but moved in a mighty way. i couldnt’ve asked to work with better people. scott venable is a cool dude and did a great job. mark mcConkey and his guys were as cool and easy going as could be. and they did a good job as well. nic and johanna did a great job in the planning and execution of the wknd. finishing off the wknd meeting uncle rico made it cool, but even uncle rico can’t compare to having God bless your worship time. i’m so thankful to have been apart of the wknd.

the statement was made, “why so people settle for this kind of stuff once a year, when it could happen year round.” not talking about having a dnow every wknd of the year, but why not experience that kind of focus and preparation for worship every day of every week.

spending the wknd in ames, iowa with the softball team. not really looking forward to iowa itself, but it should be a cool time.

i leave you with a video i put together that i can only hope to capture half what God was up to