incompetency and skelatons

its not that i’ve had nothing to say over that past few wks, ive had updates i wished to give….its just that i’ve had no reliable internet at mi casa…i have complained and complained to an obviusly incompetent company that has only 2 technicians on their whole staff responsible for taking care of apartment complexes…and i am sure that mine is not the only one they have….so therefore each time i call, i get the response “we dont know why you’re having trouble….and all of our techs are out on calls so all i can tell u is im sorry and i will put in a service ticket for you”….well…..while all of that mumbo-jumbo sounds promising, i’ve been told that now 3 times…last wk i was sure it would happen but i didnt receive a call all wk….so i heard that same thing again today, and then ultimately i was told that “if worse comes to worse, you might be forced to get service from another company”…and my thoughts are, thats a great idea, but…..why go elsewhere when this company should be competent and fix their issues…..i keep having to go elsewhere, and last wk was even forced to go to barnes & noble….i enjoyed it up until my browser page comes up and says “one time use is $3.95″…..but i had to do a quiz so therefore i had to pay it….no other choice….so i am becoming exceedingly frustrated with all of it….and my wknd can be summed up w/the pic….we got a real scare…..until next time


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