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life is hectic!!!!

it has been a crazy month…after the d-now in pfluger, the next wknd was hot hearts w/ jeff berry and wes hamilton….good stuff, too bad we had some system issues….which turned out not to be my fault thank u very much..but we had a pretty good wknd, then yesterday i went to the caldwell county stock show to watch natalie do her thing w/ her goat and lamb…and i am please to say she won it all with both of em…thats my girl!!! but i learned a lot out there and i had fun…which was a pleasant surprise….goin to see tomlin tonight!!! oh yeah…the madness isn’t over, next wknd nic comes in view of a call…and that will be extremely hectic and long and whatnot….until next time


work work work work work

im here in this wicked awesome hotel room….one with a cordless phone!!!!in all my hotel rooms ever, i have never experienced a cordless phone….UNTIL NOW!!!! pretty sweet i know……but this is our second room of the night, the first being on the second floor….with a single king size bed… we are pretty big boys, not me, but the rest of my peeps are…so that was not gonna be fun….2 yrs ago at YEC, i experienced such a thing where we had 5 people to a room, and i got to sleep on the bed……with 2 or 3 other people…i think just 2, but i cant recall…..both guys being larger than myself…..needless to say, i got about 2 hrs of sleep that night……tomorrow is a busy day, hopefully time for a nap and starbucks though…session at 9:30, and then one at 7….in the meantime, jer and i plan to go out on the town in search of V-Day not to exchange to each other, but to our respective LADYfriends…..i am not the best present buyer in the world, not the worst, but by far not the it will be interesting….i will try to take some pics tomorrow and put on tomorrow night…but until then, i have one taken within the last 15 minutes… until next time