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this wk on link love:



breakaway in images

thanks to my buddy brandon nance for the awesome fish eye pics. and yes i know i am making the face of an awkward person. it was on purpose.


tuesday nite reflections….?

since tuesday nite’s are the only times im involved in anything special besides gameday, this will be a litte mind dump. and yes i agree the title needs work so i’m taking suggestions…

im gonna do my best to not throw people under the bus. here goes:

  • event starts at 9p. im there at 630p to get my task
  • turns out we are borrowing/first time use of several pieces of equipment, which means things can go bad
  • when i hear a crew has been there since 10am and at 6p things still aren’t up, i sense a problem
  • as much as it kills me, like literally tugs at the roots of my being, seeing something is gonna turn out as awful as it ended up, all i can do is stand and watch? i have a feeling God’s gonna teach me a lot through that.
  • i offered my “services” trying not to step on any toes, and that’s all i can do really. didnt even want to do that but i felt like i should at least throw it out there. consider it thrown.
  • i decided i was gonna rock the heck out of whatever my task was, which turned out to be IMAG (camera,) also used for webcast and video podcast. and by golley i rocked the heck out of it.
  • even did a little teaching too. kinda weird for the new guy to do. happy to dump all mediashout knowledge off. is there such a thing as pee on/leader?
  • all in all things went off. cool people to work with, hearts are right, knowledge will come.
  • getting to participate in worship with 8000+ friends, in the middle of campus, to worship a God that showed up despite a lot of reasons he could have chosen not to. it gets NO better than that, and that makes it all worth it
  • my back is sore from standing…not in my basketball game filming shape yet. the pumas might not have helped matters. definitely didnt get me a date. yet.
  • i need to catch up on my google reader… looks like nic burleson finally blogged. finally.


ps-if you’re a true fan like me, and want to stream tomlin’s new album before it comes out sept 2, check THIS out. i hate rhapsody. but now i like them. for now.

new music monday..

actually everything new comes on tuesdays, but i need time for review. so here it comes:

charlie hall- “the bright sadness”-always loved their sound, mixture of the crazy crowder loops with straight up in yo face rock. here’s 3 of the songs i’m really digging.

  • chainbreaker-“chainbreaker, our Savior. Jesus the Great redeemer. life changer, liberator. Jesus the Great redeemer.” really like the ‘chainbreaker’ analogy.
  • scenes-“i have such a short memory, so you keep reminding me of You.”
  • hookers and robbers-probably my favorite song on the record. its about inviting everybody in so we can share Jesus with them. chorus is simply “come as you are. as you are. as you are, come as you are. as you are. as you are.”

check charlie for some samples and stories behind the song.


weekend mind dump

first weekend back, here’s what went down


  • first full day back. a bit surreal.
  • had our new year all-staff orientation for 12th man productions. a lot of new faces.
  • spent all afternoon/early evening at a football run thru. the team does a full scrimmage on the field, and we basically do a full show, w/o any features of any kind. just live cameras. went well. i guarded a new rack of equipment. still not sure what my job fully entails for gameday.


  • tried to get some stuff with school worked out. that didn’t happen. lines were way too long.
  • had dinner with meg and clay and a friend from home, in a gas station, in the middle of nowhere. nice


  • did absolutely nothing all day


  • decided this semester i would take advantage of my proximity to houston, and visit some churches there this semester.
  • ended up today at the second baptist cypress campus, which meets at the cypress isd berry center (insanely nice). really simple set-up, they curtain off and play to one end of the arena. the first portable-established church i’ve seen.
  • got a special surprise when dr. rick rigsby spoke, going along with their summer series of guest preachers. dr. rigsby is a former a&m prof, and i’ve been wanting to hear him from some time. INCREDIBLE testimony, really cool guy. talked about “are you making an impact, or are you making an impression?”
  • had a wonderful nap
  • 4p breakaway orientation. breakaway ministries -a weekly on campus bible study reaching about 5-7000 students every tuesday night.
  • show up to the meeting, find out i didnt get the volunteer position i was hoping for (FOH sound,) ended up with my 3rd choice, media (mediashout/live cameras etc.) definitely a power/ego struggle on my part because i think mediashout is the most boring-tedious-not worth my time-job ever. much rather be mixing.

this theme already goes along with what God’s doing with me this semester. a lot of uncertainty, a lot of seeking. the analogy of story is stuck in my head from echo, i’m trying to figure out what my story consists of, and how best to write it. prayers appreciated.

something weird i’ve been noticing-getting involved in production where people dont know you and dont know your work, they either dont look at your resume, or they do and pay no attention. this leads me to try and explain my background and experience with folks (which i try to do w/o sounding boastful at all, because i know how annoying that is. i hate to name drop.)

on an entirely different note, 2 links i must share.

cheers to the beginning of a season of uncertainty.


kenneth copeland anybody???

link love

i picked up a couple of links of some great resources at echo that i wanted to pass along. check em out, some you might’ve heard about, but let me know if you dig any



  • creative myk-cool site for artists to share work for print/web/presentation slides
  • everystockphoto-free membership, many to choose from
  • flickr-i’ve used this a while..several sizes to choose from, and a lot of em.
  • cg textures-cool site of JUST textures
  • awake images-really dig their stuff


  • clover
  • speak creative-i really like these guys stuff. they do web and brand design (logos) as well
  • kindlejoy-online prayer network
  • unifyer-really dig these guys. saw the demo of this, and its gonna be big i think. online community for the church and its people, really hard to explain so check out the demo.
  • the church site project-really cool stuff from the folks at pixel peach. its a web design/support that takes the 2.0 concept and totally runs with it. very similar to what speak creative is doing, but i like these guys design a little better. check out tomlins new site and see their work


  • eztext-great way to send instant, mass text messages
  • journeyed-software like creative suit and some editing stuff for students and non-profits at a discounted price
  • pro presenter-i’ve been a fan for a long time, and i’m really excited about some of the things they’re coming out with. if you’re lookin for a new presentation software, know what a mac even is, and are tired of mediashout like me, then you definitely want to check this out. also check out some of there other stuff HERE and a great tool for multi-site video venues HERE. you defintely want to check out THIS because the renewed vision peeps have a new module out, spreading the image across multiple projectors. pretty cool stuff