Feedback and Fidgetry

Last night I finally went to the student ministry on the A&M campus w/my friend Beth and some of her friends as well…Robbie Seay Band played as well, the final of what turns out to be 4 straight appearances at Breakaway…Which i was bummed when i found that out, coulda seen em the other 3 times…So as i sat there, not only during the worship, during the speaking as well…Worshipping w/thousands of other students was great, but things keep jumping out at me….Whether a blessing or a curse, sometimes it becomes both, being a sound guy, its my nature to critique wherever I go….Whether it be a church service, a big concert, whatever the case may be….I critique…..And sometimes I will have no complaints sound-wise…But those times are very few and far between, usually only being at a large event such as The Indescribable Tour w/Chris Tomlin….Sound was awesome, d&b speakers kick butt….all that to say, last night was part of the curse….I see a big worship band playing, sound wasnt horrible…Little things jumped at me like a snare with too much low end and not enough in the high-mid range to make it more “poppy” sounding, too much bleeding high hat, and dead toms that sounded more like a basketball hitting a hard gym floor….But all that I can handle, bcuz i’m not the best a mixing drums either….Thats why I let stanley, the “drum tech” as i like to call him, do his thing w/kick and toms then i do the rest…..But these little things, although insignificant to everyone else in the room, bothered me…..But i dealt w/it and did the best i could….Then Ben comes up to speak, he’s standing in the middle of the stage and its feeding back…..Lapel is THE hardest thing to EQ in a bad room….so i give the dude props for getting it as loud as it was, but it was still feeding back….And all the while it did, he would just bring the fader down…Although a quick response to such a problem, its not the solution…The solution would to be then adjust EQ accordingly…This guy never touched EQ the whole time….This troubles me, when i sit there and watch an obviously little trained engineer not handle something properly, knowing i could do better….so this brings me to a dillema…..i would love to break into doing sound for them, not wanting to run anybody off by any means, but just have a place for God to use me with the talents (sometimes curse) that he’s given me….Would they let a lowly freshman do sound for some 5 thousand college students??? My guess is NO…HECK NO…..but there’s gotta be something i can do to get my foot in the door….Any thoughts anyone???? Until next time….


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