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i had been going about my day as usual….fielding phone calls and the what seemed like endless messages from many many friends all wishing me a happy birthday….and then outta the blue i realize….this is actually the first birthday where i actually havent been able to spend it with my parents… was kind of disheartening to say the least….but i am glad to report i do get to spend this day with special people…so if ur reading this and you have sent me birthday wishes…sometimes through every form possible (ie. phone, both myspaces, facebook, singing v-mails(jer))….i certainly do appreciate the outpouring of love….such things are do what make for a great birthday…’s a pic from lunch w/ms. beth


last nite was incredible….i witnessed something few people ever get to witness, because usually it happens to them…if you are baffled by what i am talking about, in the coming days check for more details :)…i cannot ruin the joy!

oh and by the way…we won!!!

school is long and drawn out…i miss the half-a-day and pointless holidays off….that is all

i aint gonna talk bout it

for those of you dying to rag me bout saturday and our loss to tech, forget about it…i aint answering……it was hard enough to let it happen before my very eyes, much less have to relive it by getting ragged on…overshadowing that though, i had a wonderful wknd with Jer…took him to yell practice, which im sure he thought was weird….but living in the austin area for so long, he has had the “wool over his eyes” so to speak for so long….hopefully now he can see the light….then sunday after church i had the privalege of FINALLY trying my hand at editing…and i had to watch the game over again and assist in making the 12th Man Video, which is just a stripped down version of the game play by play but w/o timeouts and stupid stuff….which was fun…got a butt load of reading to do, but instead i sit here and blog…..go figure…..friday headed home to hopefully watch my beloved fighting lions play and see my good friends from corpus…but tomorrow holds a grandious day….shanes playin at breakaway…jer and ker both comin in for that…should be a phenominal time….until next time