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at da game

i went to the aggie game this wknd w/ my dogg meg….had good times, they didn’t win but its all good…we had a pretty good time…just found out about the pastor from UBC Waco…i can’t even begin to describe that….its just awful….i just can’t even imagine…my heart hurts for those folks…anyways…surgery on weds…lookin forward to getting it over with…no doubt about that…looks to be a long wk….until next time..

I’m Legal!!!!

Today marked the 18th anniversary of my birth, i feel as young as i did at age 5…yeah right…considerin my hand is broke and all…we find out tomorrow what exactly is wrong, and what we shall do about it….hopefully not a cast, but i’ve never had one of them…so i wouldn’t know…but we’ll see….we play hendrickson on fri. and they’re in 2nd in district, and if we win, we go to playoffs prolly for sure…but we have to beat Del Valle next wk too….so hopefully we do good this wk…to show my astro pride, i posted a pic of me, freshly 18, and my astro hatt….got stros’…until next time

district win #1 and i wasn’t involved..dang

last night we played winless elgin, and won 49-24 i think..maybe 28…i don’t remember….but i basically lived out the title of the new ryan cabrera’s cd “you stand watching” cuz i stood…watching…by what seems like such an insignificant injury…we also had a few others go down, 2 w/ knees, 1 w/ shoulder, then there were already 2 down, me for injuries, last night was a bad night for us…but it’s all good…go see specialist next thurs. so we’ll see what he says…hopefully not surgery…been there, done that too many times…so anyways….until next time

Listen to your mother about them calcium pills!!!

Drs office calld this morning, with some bad news…turns out my pain, swolen thumb has a fracture of some kind at the base of the thumb, which probably puts me out of comission for the season…they said it lookd like an old injury, so i might’ve hurt it working….(stan and jeremy, my lawyer shall be calling)..but it is 2 months old, which i guess counts as an “old” injury…but we’ll see what they specialist does for it….too bad i have to spend most of next wk pondering that too….i wanna know what to prepare for, but this is the first broken bone i’ve ever had, and it seems so insignificant, but yet so significant……i need my thumb to turn those little knobs and attempt to make people sound good…but anyways, i just want to get well and not worry about football….God obviously has worked in a mysterious way by not revealing this injury to me earlier, because if he did, i’m sure i would’ve been done after that 2nd game (the game i had my 60 yrd interception return in!)… i’m glad i made some memories, wish i could’ve made more…but it’s all good….until next time…..GO ASTROS!!!


why can’t all coaches be created equal. like coach monsen, who always wanted a hug….our current head coach always looks like he is in need of a hug, but he makes us so mad with his cut-down comments about how soft we are, or how we’re the worst team ever, nobody wants to give him a hug…but today was dr. visit day for my ailing thumb that i have put up with since about the end of august, and tape just doesn’t do the trick….so i went to see ole’ bart, and his advice was “sit out at least a wk and see a specialist”…so next thurs. i have an appt with a specialist so..i will be out at least this wk, and next wk. probably…not like i played anyways… but when i told the coach all of this, he pretty much told me about how he played with broken fingers all the time…..basically he is some sort of “injured football saint”that knew no pain in his heyday….but times have changed partner…especially when i don’t play, and don’t care to play for this coach….after this wk, 2 wks of football, and i don’t know if i’ll even play again….oh well… while it lasted…..until next time

ps….go astros