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so i just lost my post that i was working on…must’ve been boring anyways….

so to sum it up, yesterday went fine till i was late to sign language and had math till 815 for a fashionably late dinner… went fine and i dont wanna be late to sign language today….so i better leave sweet eugene’s cuz our net at home still doesnt work…but we’re paying for it…love how that happens….holla


Sweet Eugene!!!!

sitting at the Sweet Eugene’s House of Java bcuz my net doesnt work at the apt yet, i am overjoyed bcuz i am finally surfing!! as bad as it sounds, its a great feeling…even though this place is a little too loud to do any homework sometime, the wi-fi is all that matters….first official nights in college station went good…last night thru tomorrow morning is first by myself and im doin fine….just the banging of overhead neighbors this morning awakened me….went to the store last night, got a few items….chick-fil-a for lunch….mmmmm…..the new milk shake is wonderful there, but never seems to agree with my stomach for some reason…got books yesterday, glad to report they werent as much as expected…dreading starting school monday, but ready to get it here….and overwith….jamming one of the songs of “see the morning” by tomlin, good tunes….song called “everlasting God” by brenton brown…cant wait to hear the album…hmmmm what else….oh….last fri. went great…Justin Cofield Band belated-cd release party….the guys sounded awesome, the rig sounded awesome (thanks to my system tech stanley)….the band wives were very complimentary of the overall sound…which….i dont dispute, but i know the glory is all for God….gettin frustrated can’t get my aim downloaded back…dreading my mtg tonite for work….ready to go home tomorrow for a few days b4 the semester picks up…sooo until next time…..holler


friends are one of the hardest thing to leave….and tonight….i struggle with leaving friends that over this past yr have become some of my best friends i’ve ever had…but them, along with other friends i know are lifelong and i will always cherish that.. so as i face these struggles, i turn to God’s word and leave you with this.

Ecclesiastes 4:12 (The Message)
By yourself you’re unprotected. With a friend you can face the worst. Can you round up a third? A three-stranded rope isn’t easily snapped.


well…it was good…it reminded me of seeing The Passion of the Christ….the end of the movie was greeted by a silent audience, and people exited the theatre in pure silence…and thats the way the theatre stayed the entire movie, silent except for the middle aged man caughing every few minutes and the other younger man receiving phone calls every 10 minutes and him stepping out to answer everysingle one of them….each conversation lasting only about 5 minutes…but i wont give any of it away….in my opinion, well portrayed….powerful stuff….nicholas cage…i applaud…

trying to burn anchorman…on my 3rd burning program….used 4 discs already..on my 5th……ugh….

until next time

pre-WTC movie

as i sit in my living room, within an hour of experiencing an attempted recreation of one of the most horrific attackes in our nation’s history, i dont know what to expect…i dont know if its accuratley recreated, or if its just done to attempt to make a profit off of such an event….i can only remember the thoughts that ran through my head that day….so im writing this not knowing what to expect, and expecting to fill in my opionion of the movie…stay tuned


geez louise its been a while….where to begin….good summer of camps….last one was my personal fave w/Justin Cofield Band and the student minister from Lake Point in Rockwall, Bubba…..good stuff….since then, been at home just sleeping till noon and staying up late…and in that continuous cycle…its been pretty sweet…

saw some good movies, the breakup, superman returns, nacho libre, talladega nights…got tons of new tunes….met big daddy weave..ha ha that was a trip…..bought stuff for school…..move in next fri then go to pflugerville that afternoon for the Cofield Band CD release party…..

no new reads, but new tunes that have struck me include the Hillsong United “Look to You” album and the new Passion 06 album “Everything Glorious” which has severl good tracks

waking up tomorrow early to call aTm admissions to see what they want at this late date….holla