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mission a/yec week

so i started feeling bad because i threaten to take peeps of my blogroll for not blogging, when i havent blogged regularly myself so… i was going through my rss’s tonight from last wk and saw jenna’s post from last wk. i’m pretty sure she composed it in the laundry room of our hotel, and she has two incredible stories of some of the things that went on with our students at mission a last wk. and no, i’m not talking about the drama night.

the first is about my boy sherbert. and googling that name will get you nowhere buy wikipedia for frozen fruit juice. it’s his alias, and for good reason. this kid may be one of the funniest, geekiest kids i’ve ever met. so check out what he did here. here are most of the pics i have from the wk, mission a and yec combined. i told somebody today when asked how yec went, it was good but it didnt touch what we experienced at mission a. i’ve heard it said many times at different events, why experience something only once a year when it could be done on a weekly basis wherever you are. whether it be missions in your town, or doing church differently. it can be done.



busy week ahead

got a busy week coming up folks..

leave tomorrow morning for MA (mission arlington). i’ve heard of ma through the grapevine for several years, but this will be my first experience so i’m looking forward to it. everyone else comes home friday after six flags, but i am scheduled to head over to dallas and do my normal yec thing. i’ve helped out every year for about the last 5-6 years except for last yr because it was hard for me to get a day off. they’re supposedly short on volunteers so i’m supposed to take on another role of some type with artist relations. which means i’ll either have a story about how cool somebody was, or another story to add to the many i already have of people that i can never listen to again because they were straight up pre madonnas. but the yec folks always treat us nice. who else can say they’ve broken bread with mark hall, or set up drums for audio a, or raided big daddy weave’s dressing room, or been in on salvador’s pre-show prayer, or almost be frisked by rebecca st. james’ security…not many….

throughout all my travels this next LONG week, one thing is for sure. iTwitter. do you? so click on the pic and check out my page or make one for yourself and have my updates come to your phone.

ps-the new coldplay is OUTSTANDING. go to this link here and buy it. seriously. do it. now. what are you waiting for. it will change your life. ok maybe not, but you never will know unless you go download it. would i ever lead you astray?


tips from a worship pastor

i found this post on steven furtick’s blog and it was actually done by elevation church’s worship pastor wade joye. i think he has good words of wisdom
4 Ways a Worship Leader Can Earn the Trust of Their Lead Pastor

At Elevation Church, we are in the unique situation of having a lead pastor who used to be a worship leader. He is also a huge music lover who knows more rock trivia than anyone I know. Even though he knows how to do our jobs as worship leaders, Pastor Steven has given us a lot of freedom in the worship department as we have gained his trust. Here are some of the ways this trust can be developed.

1. Implement your pastor’s vision for the worship ministry, not your own vision.
The Lord speaks to the lead pastor about the vision and direction of the church, not the worship leader. Yes, your pastor wants you to dream big and push the envelop of creativity and excellence, but it must be done within the parameters he has set. At Elevation, Pastor Steven has cast the vision that our worship experience will be one of celebration. So, you won’t find a lot of dark songs in a minor key because they don’t fit the vision of the church…that might mean I don’t get to play one of my favorite songs– and that is ok. There will also be times when your Pastor asks you to cut or add a song, and when he does, do it joyfully.

2. Be a worship leader who cares more about Jesus and the vision of the church than being on the next Passion CD. Jesus specifically has chosen to work through the local church to advance the gospel. Your pastor will trust you when he sees that you are more passionate about the vision God has given him for your city than you are about the how cool you sound covering the latest Coldplay song.

3. Choose the words you say on stage carefully. The priority for us at Elevation is the preaching of God’s word. That gets 50 minutes in our worship experience while the worship set gets 20 minutes. As a worship leader, when you pray or set up a song, be intentional and strategic so that you maximize your impact with few words. When we don’t prepare and ramble, we are taking valuable time away from the most important part of the worship experience.

4. Play to win, don’t play not to lose. Push yourself. Don’t play it safe. When we get comfortable with what is working well and stop creating, we are not honoring God with our worship. Always let your pastor see that you are continually striving for excellence and taking chances. Worshipping our creative God should never be stale and boring.

day 3 vid

it’s coming…

last night recap to come tomorrow after about an 18 hr nap

day 3-skimboarding

covey and i decided to try and skimboard…this is the result

beach break day 2 (yes it was a long day)

it’s been a long day and i wasn’t even in the sun that long…just got back from aransas pass with nic. we went and bought some supplies for tomorrow’s rec and dinner.

tonight’s worship was awesome. i love when God moves in spite (i think i’m using that correctly. if not, you know what i mean) of different things happening or not happening around us.

set list was as follows:

wholly yours
mighty to save
from the inside out
jesus paid it all (kristian stanfill version)

the last song really rocked out. the added portion being “o praise the one who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead.” i love that.

the rest of my day was really uneventful. my morning “tribe” or group talk time went nowhere. nobody wanted to talk. i was frustrated for sure.

we had an awesome church time where everyone laid on the basketball court and looked up at the stars singing “God of wonders” and “amazing grace (my chains are gone)” that was awesome.

here’s the video from today. (jo, we miss you and really really wish you were here. hopefully these do make you feel like you were here!)


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