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so i went back to the dr friday..and its not broke no more, but the pin is very much still in there….and i saw it too…that was exciting…not really but..yeah…saw class A milano play a playoff game..and lose…but class A is a culture shock definately coming from a 4A school and town….looking forward to the new John Mayer Trio live album “Try”…also looking forward to thanksgiving….till next time


my sweet cast…i can hurt some folks w/ it, so…watch out:) Posted by Picasa

my hand is a joke

surgery went well yesterday…i woke up and told the nurse “sweet cast”….and then asked her about 3 times in all how it went…and all 3 times i got the same answer…but thats alright….i get the humongo cast off next fri and the pin stays in a month from what i gathered…..but nobody tells me what they’re gonna do to me, but its whatever….heres a pic of my sweet cast…until next time

"if u can’t walk, thats a real injury"

these are the words from our coach….talking to me and the guy w/ the real injury…i guess a fractured bone in your hand that requires a pin isn’t a real injury….what do i know?..i’m just the one injured…kinda nervous about tomorrow….all the surgeries i’ve had, except the hernia, i’ve basically known what was gonna happen and how it would be afterwards….this time i have not a clue..i don’t want to be in pain obviously…hydrocodine is good stuff though..that i know is true….mabye tomorrow if i can type and all, i can post pics of my sweet cast or brace or whatever it’s gonna be…until next time…

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