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I love iTunes!!!

Gone are the days of spending 12-14 bucks for a cd that has one song on it that i like..the masterminds behind iTunes and similar stuff are pure genius…i just got done purchasing 14 of the freshest tracks in christian music…and some secular stuff too…I wouldn’t call the new Tommy Lee single christian, so i would catergorize it as secular….but it is pretty good jams…the new Crowder and Mark Schultz singles are awesome..Matthew West’s new single is fun too….i checked out our story on the news…i’m only in the background…sorry punk didn’t get my catches…oh well….i will just have to make the news in a real game…Jordan’s party was great, and i would insert a pic or two, but i forgot my camera…so….until next time title is “lions reload for 2005”


We are gonna be on the news!

Today’s shortened practice was cool cuz News 8 Austin came to practice and they shot some footage (while he was filming, i caught like 4 balls) so we’ll see if i get some air time….but they interviewed two players plus our coach…but this wk is our off wk, and we start next wk against a good playoff team, Austin Lanier…we’ll see…but until then….REST FOR THE WEARY!!!!…until next time

I like that I want that Posted by Picasa

The family….I am really photogentic….just not in this pic…cuz i never dress this nice anymore for church… me a heathen if u must Posted by Picasa

Mercy Me show Posted by Picasa

Me and my guitar!!! (i like that, i want that) Posted by Picasa

um…blogging is cool!

just found out chris tomlin will be hosting a FREE (i like that) live recording at Austin City Music Hall….SWEET..i gotta be there…he resembles me and my guitar…see below… next wk first game against lowly lanier…but we shall not look past em…until next time