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a little something for the less-tech savvy folks.

one of the featured web apps in this months collide magazine, is animoto. basically, its an easy way to put pictures to music, without needing software. the site was started by producers from mtv, comedy central, and abc. in other words, the dudes know what they’re doing.

so head on over, make a little diddy, and come back and show me your creation.



all next week

i’m going to try something. something revolutionary. kind of. i’m going to photoblog my week. not sure how exactly i’m going to do it yet. here’s how it will work:

i’ll begin photo-ing this saturday the 22nd. (apologies ahead of time for the lack of quality. it’s going to be my treo camera.) i will then post the picture/pictures each evening, probably late evening. so most of you will see them the next morning. the point-for no other reason than to keep your rss readers happy.