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it’s coming..


this little number is in the mail, and on it’s way. in the midst of ordering textbooks from amazon, i figured i should order something i was actually interested in. it teaches frequencies, and comes with MP3 files of those¬† frequencies. the point of that is to quickly identify feedback frequencies, ringing in tom’s etc. yes i realize how geeky that sounds.



ubc audio

i ran across an interview with media director jon davis about how university baptist in waco, tx does audio/other media.

here and here are pictures that accompany the article, that talk about how some instruments are mic’d at UBC, and how they’re worshihp space is setup.

whats on your reader?

while my regular thought provoking posts are still on holiday, i ask one question. not about your resolutions, but about your reading.

what’s on your rss/google/bloglines readers that i should be reading too? what are you really digging? my reader count is currently at 50,¬† so chances are i may be digging it too.


most innovative concert visuals

check out the 10 most innovative concert visuals of 08

little gems pt. 2

pt. 2 i mixed in some scenes from elf, and also 2 of my all time favorite christmas music videos. enjoy.

if you havent done so, check out my blog name contest.

cheers, merry christmas, and happy hanukkah.

little gems pt.1

i found a couple of little gems today from 2 of my favorite holiday movies; home alone 1 & 2. also found a commercial in relation to home alone 2 you might remember!

tomorrow, pt.2. dont forget about my blog name contest below.


blog name contest

i’ve had the same blog name for several years, and it needs a redo. so you decide. here’s how it works:

come up with a creative title, and then a pitch-line. (for an example see my current one above.) leave a comment on this post with your name and email and whatnot so you can get the credit you will deserve. after i collect several, i will have a poll for you to decide the best one. depending on how many i get, the first poll will have 8, the second poll 4, then a third poll with 2. if i only get 2, i’ll do one poll. dig?

regulations-it needs to be creative, catchy and straight up cool. preferably original. not necessarily media related, but could be considering i am a geek. even though Christmas is in 3 days, the name of my blog should in no way be related to any sort of holiday. multiple entries per person allowed. some people are more creative than others and i get that.

happy creative-ness, merry Christmas, and happy hanukkah.