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5 things increasing my productivity

  • evernote
  • google docs/calendar/gmail/reader
  • tweetdeck
  • youversion
  • mobile web


a little something for the less-tech savvy folks.

one of the featured web apps in this months collide magazine, is animoto. basically, its an easy way to put pictures to music, without needing software. the site was started by producers from mtv, comedy central, and abc. in other words, the dudes know what they’re doing.

so head on over, make a little diddy, and come back and show me your creation.


ubc audio

i ran across an interview with media director jon davis about how university baptist in waco, tx does audio/other media.

here and here are pictures that accompany the article, that talk about how some instruments are mic’d at UBC, and how they’re worshihp space is setup.

most innovative concert visuals

check out the 10 most innovative concert visuals of 08

adobe labs incredibleness

social video viewing rooms blogged about seeing a new trend in tv show viewing, most notably mtv’s “the hills” and cbs’ “survivor”. i, like i’m sure millions of americans, would love to live chat during the hills.

kind of like a twitter video player. but apparently it’s been in the works for 2 years. where have i been???


geek talk

follow up to the post about the fcc vote on tuesday-they voted. that’s about all. seems like they pushed everything else back. shure has a press release, as well as prosound news. looks like if you have anything in the 700mhz band, it’s still not going to work at some point.

another note-shure has a cool new feature to their site called the “mic listening lab.” it’s pretty interesting stuff. i’ve wasted a couple of hours on it already.