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one song

give me one song that has moved you lately. it can be by anything.



most innovative concert visuals

check out the 10 most innovative concert visuals of 08

little gems pt. 2

pt. 2 i mixed in some scenes from elf, and also 2 of my all time favorite christmas music videos. enjoy.

if you havent done so, check out my blog name contest.

cheers, merry christmas, and happy hanukkah.

tis the season

it’s not truly the Christmas season unless at starbucks you get a Christmasy red cup. and then there are those adds on tv. well there’s nothing like a little music to get you in the spirit before thanksgiving. so here’s my all time top 10 Christmas albums to get you in season (click the album art for itunes link, and the name underneath for the amazon link):

let-it-snowmichael buble-“let it snow”

trans-siberiantrans-siberian orchestra- “Christmas eve and other stories”

kenny-gkenny g-“the greatest holiday classics”

bela-fleckbela fleck & the flecktones- “jingle all the way”

chris-bottichris botti- “december”

sinatrafrank sinatra- “a jolly Christmas from frank sinatra”

shanesshane & shane- “glory in the highest: a Christmas record”

sarah-mclachlan1sarah mclachlan- “wintersong”

sixpencesixpence none the richer- “the dawn of grace”

brian-setzerbrian setzer orchestra- “Christmas rocks-the best-of collection”

as you can tell, i dig the jazz and orchestra Christmas stuff.

these are mine. hit me with yours.


current jams

my buddy jco always asks me for what’s currently popular in the music industry, well please allow me to submit to you my current playlist: (click on the graphic to increase the size)

check it out on itunes


the price of awesome-ness

i know all i ever do is post video’s or link to other people’s awesomeness, but i thought i needed to share these.

once upon a time, i wrote on this very blog, “i know what church could look like because i can see it in my head.” that may not be a direct quote, but it’s close.

well the folks at fellowship church pay attention to the worship environment, and they do it in incredible ways. i already posted the video “new creation” (see what wasn’t live on the video element), so that’ll be exhibit a. pay close attention to the backing video elements in these next 2 videos. these kinds of supporting elements are what i see in that vision. not many people are doing it now, and i’m not a fan of doing it every song but… i think it can enhance some thoughts like only images can. you can hear a song a million times, but once you “see” that song, i think it changes everything.

here’s their version of phil wickham’s “true love”:

and their version of a trans siberian orchestra classic:

ps-the trans siberian stuff was created in smoke (which we demo’d at work last year) which is basically so expensive you have to contact somebody for pricing, but i’m told from our demo that not only is it one of the most complex editing format’s available, it’s upwards of $30k


ok now

today is the release date for jon mclaughlin‘s OK NOW. go get it. i know i say this a lot, and if you truly did go get it every time i told you to, you’d be as broke as i am. at least itunes preview it.

also check out my friends 33 miles song “one life to live” on this week’s itunes discovery download.

oh btw-new site is up. looks like i spent hours slaving over css and html and php and all those other useful codes. wadda you think?