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link love

i havent done link love in a while, and this go round i only have one.

clay’s mom, gayla, is now blogging and facebooking.

check out her blog here, and you’ll have to do a facebook search, bcuz i could only find a link to this lady.



i got a mobi

i have a mobile site. you can access it from your pc, but it’s better viewed from your internet enabled mobile phone.

add this to your phone links:

go here to add one for yourself. it’s super easy, even @nicburleson could probably figure it out. i kid, i kid.


5 things increasing my productivity

  • evernote
  • google docs/calendar/gmail/reader
  • tweetdeck
  • youversion
  • mobile web

whats on your reader?

while my regular thought provoking posts are still on holiday, i ask one question. not about your resolutions, but about your reading.

what’s on your rss/google/bloglines readers that i should be reading too? what are you really digging? my reader count is currently at 50,  so chances are i may be digging it too.


blog name contest

i’ve had the same blog name for several years, and it needs a redo. so you decide. here’s how it works:

come up with a creative title, and then a pitch-line. (for an example see my current one above.) leave a comment on this post with your name and email and whatnot so you can get the credit you will deserve. after i collect several, i will have a poll for you to decide the best one. depending on how many i get, the first poll will have 8, the second poll 4, then a third poll with 2. if i only get 2, i’ll do one poll. dig?

regulations-it needs to be creative, catchy and straight up cool. preferably original. not necessarily media related, but could be considering i am a geek. even though Christmas is in 3 days, the name of my blog should in no way be related to any sort of holiday. multiple entries per person allowed. some people are more creative than others and i get that.

happy creative-ness, merry Christmas, and happy hanukkah.


have you seen this?

i haven’t sorted through my google reader completely yet, so i’m not sure if many people are talking about this. but check it out:

i am


my apologies

people. my apologies. i am currently sitting in front of chik fil a about to enjoy an icedream (you should try one if you have never partaken) and, you guessed it, i am using wi-fi. here’s my best reasons for the blogging absence.

  • its finals week
  • i’ve been working like crazy and over break it will be crazy x2
  • crazy things have been going down at work, therefore my mind has been other places
  • i moved last wknd. sandwiched in between work and finals
  • even after moving, i have been left without internet, television, heat, or warm showers.

i wish you a happy day, and i hope to have you more nuggets of goodness to fill your brains with soon. (the icedream is rocking my world!)