happy thanksgiving

  • i’m thankful for a roof over my head
  • i’m thankful for an incredible family
  • i’m thankful for twitter
  • i’m thankful for a car that runs most of the time
  • i’m thankful for music. specifically john mayer’s music
  • i’m thankful for incredible people that allow me to do life with them
  • i’m thankful for steve jobs and the company that is apple
  • i’m thankful for the pilgrims that dreamed up today
  • i’m thankful for the people of starbucks coffee, and their incredible products
  • i’m thankful for a crazy cool job that keeps some money in my pocket
  • i’m thankkful for kreuz bbq
  • i’m thankful to live in a country we can agree to disagree
  • i’m thankful for the people that invented mexican food
  • i’m thankful for today. the food i will eat. the football i will watch. and the nap i will take
  • most of all i’m thankful for Jesus that continues to bless us with all of this, despite us being a people so undeserving



2 Responses to “happy thanksgiving”

  1. 2 Nic November 30, 2008 at 11:08 pm

    And after my Austin Java experience on Saturday night, I’m thankful for their AMAZING hot chocolate…

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