tis the season

it’s not truly the Christmas season unless at starbucks you get a Christmasy red cup. and then there are those adds on tv. well there’s nothing like a little music to get you in the spirit before thanksgiving. so here’s my all time top 10 Christmas albums to get you in season (click the album art for itunes link, and the name underneath for the amazon link):

let-it-snowmichael buble-“let it snow”

trans-siberiantrans-siberian orchestra- “Christmas eve and other stories”

kenny-gkenny g-“the greatest holiday classics”

bela-fleckbela fleck & the flecktones- “jingle all the way”

chris-bottichris botti- “december”

sinatrafrank sinatra- “a jolly Christmas from frank sinatra”

shanesshane & shane- “glory in the highest: a Christmas record”

sarah-mclachlan1sarah mclachlan- “wintersong”

sixpencesixpence none the richer- “the dawn of grace”

brian-setzerbrian setzer orchestra- “Christmas rocks-the best-of collection”

as you can tell, i dig the jazz and orchestra Christmas stuff.

these are mine. hit me with yours.



2 Responses to “tis the season”

  1. 1 Jenna November 12, 2008 at 12:06 pm

    The fact that you love Christmas makes me like you even more. All of your albums were wonderful and we regularly enjoy them at our house. You did leave out one great album: Disney Family Christmas Collection. Nothing says Christmas like Micky and Goofy singing the 12 Days of Christmas.

  2. 2 jonathanmobley November 12, 2008 at 8:27 pm

    @jenna- i can honestly say i have never heard the disney family christmas collection. should i, please remove my man card.

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