link love

  • the collide show-awesome idea from scott and the other peeps at collide. they catch you up on some culture news, new media toys, and feature an interview with barton damer. (barton did all the graphics for it as well. really dig the bright color usage)
  • my dad really surprised me with this post. great stuff pop.
  • i linked the video here, but fellowship church dropped their album this week “closer to the start.” from the audio sample (press play at top of page on closer to the, it sounds KILLER. i usually hate when a church cuts an album, because it’s either lame originals or they copied 12 of somebody else’s songs. this is all original studio content. and it sounds FUNKY. can’t find it in itunes, so go buy it HERE
  • i’ve always enjoyed The Bible being viewed as a story, and that’s exactly what chris seay, brian mclaren, and several other writers have done with the new testament (as well as individual books). it’s called “the voice”. check it out, see the gospel of john as a sample. or buy it HERE
  • this will probably be the only political who-ha i post. in no way do i agree with anything howard stern stands for, but this is interesting:

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