churches going mobile

no i’m not talking about churches without a building. that post is coming some other time.

i’m talking about churches with a mobile web site. it seems like only the “heavy hitters” in the corporate world are doing it. churchmarketingsucks already talked about this briefly this summer. i’ve been doing research for a class on the future of the internet, and everything points to mobile. not to mention a little thing called the iphone. does it come down to a question of you’re target audience, and whether or not they’d benefit from it? or is every single person within at least 10000000000 miles be considered you’re “target audience?”

personally, i spend more time surfing on my phone than i do on the computer during the day. a phone is certainly a lot easier to carry around.

wouldn’t it be cool, while you’re eating dinner, to be able to see what time handbell practice is? here is how it can be done, sometimes as simple as a plugin.



1 Response to “churches going mobile”

  1. 1 Dad October 15, 2008 at 9:13 am

    I haven’t thought about the church website being mobile – but that is a great idea. That would be very useful to have a map for your location, because if you are trying to find the church on before a service – you need the map on your phone. What is it about your sentence “to be able to see what time handbell practice is?” I didn’t know you knew about handbells. Ha!

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