link love

cayalyst 08 is going on right now, and unfortunately i’m unable to attend. (really bummed i missed jon foreman). but even though i’m not there, i’m catching all the high points.

totally un-catalyst related-

  • churchrelevance-really cool stuff from the team called churchmetrics. basically, once it goes live, its a free app for churches to track trends: baptisms, giving, and attendance etc. you will want to see this
  • big picture stuff is cool, this post has some cool photos from above the earth
  • our chief engineer wrote an article for about the model 46 audio interface from studio technologies we’re using as apart of our comm lines to help tie us together across our different venues. check it out HERE
  • ken wilson-visual director at NewSpring Church linked an awesome video from NIN (nine inch nails) recent tour. i’ve been hearing buzz like crazy about how technologically incredible their outing has been. the video makes all that buzz make sense. it’s so intense it’s sick. check out momentfactory to see the rest of their work.

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