link love

  • were you let down by apple this week?-daniel darnell talks about how that relates to the church, if you hype something up, you better deliver. check it out HERE
  • dave, one of the audio engineer’s at north point community church posted a cool widget for audio guys HERE
  • my pop blogged twice this wk! check out his post about hymns HERE and HERE about having a sense of destiny
  • this sounds like a broken record, but cameron ware helped FBC Houston with their remodel. check HERE for info about the gear and HERE for the pics. i suggest you go to each pic, and make it as big as possible to see the detail.  it’s INSANELY COOL
  • on collide’s video’s of the week, i got a shout out. but i must thank my sources, nic posted it and cole found it. thanks dudes
  • my audio buddy micah posted his secret cookie recipe in his shouts and pouts
  • i’m a mac guy, but i think we’re, sadly, still in a pc world. and getting by with both gets to be INSANE. well HERE is a way to get by with both easier. called dropbox, easier way to sync things between machines. no more emailing and usb-ing things to yourself.
  • austin american statesman is on the twitter wagon, they’re tracking ike
  • check out galveston webcam’s as IKE approaches



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