tuesday night rap session

  • had a day-before location change, and with several thousands of people involved, thats a challenge
  • new location-more in the heart of campus rudder auditorium complex, seats 2700
  • final word from last wk was approx attendance at 6000, THE most ever at breakaway
  • assumed the dreaded mediashout duties and rocked the heck out of it
  • 7p service-about 800 folks, opened up adjacent rudder theatre for 800 seats in addition to the 2700-9p-had about 3200+some worshipping in the stairways+about 1000 turned away because of lack of space and the beauty of a fire code.
  • we piped video and audio across the hall to the 800 in the theatre and they watched everything on the screen
  • God showed up
  • atmosphere of worship was incredible in the auditorium, i was told it was the same in the theatre
  • ben had a great talk on creation
  • love andy melvin’s leading style
  • cant wait for the day when we cram 13,000 in reed arena and why not 80,000 in kyle field?



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