tuesday nite reflections….?

since tuesday nite’s are the only times im involved in anything special besides gameday, this will be a litte mind dump. and yes i agree the title needs work so i’m taking suggestions…

im gonna do my best to not throw people under the bus. here goes:

  • event starts at 9p. im there at 630p to get my task
  • turns out we are borrowing/first time use of several pieces of equipment, which means things can go bad
  • when i hear a crew has been there since 10am and at 6p things still aren’t up, i sense a problem
  • as much as it kills me, like literally tugs at the roots of my being, seeing something is gonna turn out as awful as it ended up, all i can do is stand and watch? i have a feeling God’s gonna teach me a lot through that.
  • i offered my “services” trying not to step on any toes, and that’s all i can do really. didnt even want to do that but i felt like i should at least throw it out there. consider it thrown.
  • i decided i was gonna rock the heck out of whatever my task was, which turned out to be IMAG (camera,) also used for webcast and video podcast. and by golley i rocked the heck out of it.
  • even did a little teaching too. kinda weird for the new guy to do. happy to dump all mediashout knowledge off. is there such a thing as pee on/leader?
  • all in all things went off. cool people to work with, hearts are right, knowledge will come.
  • getting to participate in worship with 8000+ friends, in the middle of campus, to worship a God that showed up despite a lot of reasons he could have chosen not to. it gets NO better than that, and that makes it all worth it
  • my back is sore from standing…not in my basketball game filming shape yet. the pumas might not have helped matters. definitely didnt get me a date. yet.
  • i need to catch up on my google reader… looks like nic burleson finally blogged. finally.


ps-if you’re a true fan like me, and want to stream tomlin’s new album before it comes out sept 2, check THIS out. i hate rhapsody. but now i like them. for now.


2 Responses to “tuesday nite reflections….?”

  1. 1 Dad August 27, 2008 at 9:08 am

    God may be trying to teach you humility and patience through this. Remember to keep a servant’s heart.

  2. 2 JCo August 27, 2008 at 12:31 pm

    you should call it Tuesday Night Rap Session ….its hip

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