weekend mind dump

first weekend back, here’s what went down


  • first full day back. a bit surreal.
  • had our new year all-staff orientation for 12th man productions. a lot of new faces.
  • spent all afternoon/early evening at a football run thru. the team does a full scrimmage on the field, and we basically do a full show, w/o any features of any kind. just live cameras. went well. i guarded a new rack of equipment. still not sure what my job fully entails for gameday.


  • tried to get some stuff with school worked out. that didn’t happen. lines were way too long.
  • had dinner with meg and clay and a friend from home, in a gas station, in the middle of nowhere. nice


  • did absolutely nothing all day


  • decided this semester i would take advantage of my proximity to houston, and visit some churches there this semester.
  • ended up today at the second baptist cypress campus, which meets at the cypress isd berry center (insanely nice). really simple set-up, they curtain off and play to one end of the arena. the first portable-established church i’ve seen.
  • got a special surprise when dr. rick rigsby spoke, going along with their summer series of guest preachers. dr. rigsby is a former a&m prof, and i’ve been wanting to hear him from some time. INCREDIBLE testimony, really cool guy. talked about “are you making an impact, or are you making an impression?”
  • had a wonderful nap
  • 4p breakaway orientation. breakaway ministries -a weekly on campus bible study reaching about 5-7000 students every tuesday night.
  • show up to the meeting, find out i didnt get the volunteer position i was hoping for (FOH sound,) ended up with my 3rd choice, media (mediashout/live cameras etc.) definitely a power/ego struggle on my part because i think mediashout is the most boring-tedious-not worth my time-job ever. much rather be mixing.

this theme already goes along with what God’s doing with me this semester. a lot of uncertainty, a lot of seeking. the analogy of story is stuck in my head from echo, i’m trying to figure out what my story consists of, and how best to write it. prayers appreciated.

something weird i’ve been noticing-getting involved in production where people dont know you and dont know your work, they either dont look at your resume, or they do and pay no attention. this leads me to try and explain my background and experience with folks (which i try to do w/o sounding boastful at all, because i know how annoying that is. i hate to name drop.)

on an entirely different note, 2 links i must share.

cheers to the beginning of a season of uncertainty.


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