link love

i picked up a couple of links of some great resources at echo that i wanted to pass along. check em out, some you might’ve heard about, but let me know if you dig any



  • creative myk-cool site for artists to share work for print/web/presentation slides
  • everystockphoto-free membership, many to choose from
  • flickr-i’ve used this a while..several sizes to choose from, and a lot of em.
  • cg textures-cool site of JUST textures
  • awake images-really dig their stuff


  • clover
  • speak creative-i really like these guys stuff. they do web and brand design (logos) as well
  • kindlejoy-online prayer network
  • unifyer-really dig these guys. saw the demo of this, and its gonna be big i think. online community for the church and its people, really hard to explain so check out the demo.
  • the church site project-really cool stuff from the folks at pixel peach. its a web design/support that takes the 2.0 concept and totally runs with it. very similar to what speak creative is doing, but i like these guys design a little better. check out tomlins new site and see their work


  • eztext-great way to send instant, mass text messages
  • journeyed-software like creative suit and some editing stuff for students and non-profits at a discounted price
  • pro presenter-i’ve been a fan for a long time, and i’m really excited about some of the things they’re coming out with. if you’re lookin for a new presentation software, know what a mac even is, and are tired of mediashout like me, then you definitely want to check this out. also check out some of there other stuff HERE and a great tool for multi-site video venues HERE. you defintely want to check out THIS because the renewed vision peeps have a new module out, spreading the image across multiple projectors. pretty cool stuff



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