echo recap

it was a blessing to attend echo in dallas this weekend. (turns out echo is the ONLY church media conference) it was cool because it was not just about tech stuff, there was actually more about “the global Church” and your own life than i expected. i was challenged in so many ways, my head still hurts (great tune up before semester starts huh?) the echo staff put together what i thought was a great array of keynotes, and i took something different from each one. all the media looked great, some of the best graphics i think i’ve ever seen. really cool to put faces with some names i’ve been seeing lately. sorry for all the scatter-brained notes. i realize one of my many shortfalls is in note-taking (and yes. this does make class even more difficult). this is why i do not do court reporting, or any other careers that are possible in note-taking.

  • will pavone from frontline led worship a few times. cary pierce from “jackopierce”, (also writes some with chris tomlin) and kendall payne both did an acoustic set to open each day. you HAVE to check out kendall and cary both. it was my first time seeing cary play, and you need to check his stuff out. i’ve seen kendall before and i really dig her stuff. iTUNES them NOW. KENDALL and CARY
  • i debated where to go for breakout 3, but ended up really digging church 2.0, paneled by greg atkinson, cynthia ware, and tony steward. there was really nothing new for me, just the same ideas i’ve been kicking around in my head for a few wks. i’m looking forward to the book they put together.
  • twitter was the name of the conference. there was a hashtag set up (you write some kind of keyword in your tweet, and tweets go to a page and can see all the tweets of people using that hashtag example) and we broke into the top 10 on search.twitter right behind michael phelps. churches are already using this idea for a “twitter sunday.”
  • got a lot of stuff to check out over the next few wks. got some cool free/opensource/cheap sites to peep as well. you can find a list of some links HERE, and i have more i’ll post soon. you will DEFINITELY want to check those out.
  • my first time at watermark, and it was cool. they’re doing some very cool things for a “temporary” building

all in all it was a great weekend. i really appreciate nic for sending me, and my parents for coming with me. we had a great time, and they had some time to bum around time while i was busy, and i think they enjoed that. i’m definitely hope to go back next year, maybe with a team! and maybe one of these days, one of the keynote’s is my boss! never know



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