keynote 4:donald miller

donald miller absolutely slammed the friday night keynote spot. the theme was “telling a story with our lives.” check out some of what i caught:

  • shared several quotes from robert mckee’s book “story”
  • story- A character who wants something and is willing to overcome something to get it.
  • narrative is the most powerful communication tool
  • futility was the word of the evening
  • scripture is mostly narrative
  • in our media stuff-if there’s a story, then its a narrative and people are able to engage it
  • i come from portland. its not cool to have ambition until your 24, then you dont get laid anymore
  • said in a women’s voice: “women listen to your eggs…. i dont know where i was going with that.”
  • what you want can’t suck
  • the best narratives have a character that wants something. if they dont get it, people will die.
  • we translate the text in a lie thats a marketing form of our culture
  • “i dont have kids. at least i think i dont have kids”
  • the times you say “I’m not going to make it” is when the story is getting really really good.
  • the beauty of the story is in the sacrifice
  • people who are goody two shoes……its annoying
  • the only way to change a characters character, is through pain
  • the times of when youve changed for the better are from times of pain
  • i had a beer. is beer ok here? sin is like, regional now
  • how can we share the Story in narrative form

i know i missed half of don’s points because, truthfully i was trying to think through most of it…..deep stuff. WOW. one of the best talks i’ve ever heard. so here’s some of the stuff i know i missed at tim stevens blog LEADING SMART



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