keynote 3: matthew paul turner

matthew paul turner is the author of the books “christian culture survival guide” and the upcoming “churched,” among others. is speaking style was really interesting, he basically read 2 chapters from his book and then elaborated on some points. (this post is out of order because my computer was dead during the session) this dude is hilarious, and had some really cool things to say. check it out:

  • read a chapter from an unpublished book that was turned down by 5 publishers, entitled “photoshopping Jesus”
  • after going back and re-reading unpublished book, realized there was a ton of bitterness
  • he grew up in a fundamentalist baptist church/home
  • as a child, sunday school teacher lit a barbie on fire to illustrate how hell is gonna be
  • we too often complicate the message
  • all his girlfriends were breaking up with him so “Jesus could be her boyfriend.” they were either dating Jesus or “kissing dating goodbye.” he said “i still wanna kick josh harris’ ass.” (josh harris is the writer or ‘i kissed dating goodbye”
  • if anyone can make hand holding a sin, it’s christians
  • went to a “christian bookstore tradeshow” once. rumor had it, someone had on display “jesus panties.”

he read his chapters so fast i didnt get to catch the really funny stuff. some of it he said will be included in his new book “unchurched.”



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