breakout 2: tim stevens

tim stevens is the pastor at granger community church, and author of a book i’m currently working through, pop goes the church. in breakout 2 tim spells out for us a typical “weekend at granger.” check out how it works:

  • initial planning begins in november, looking at school dates, holidays etc
  • topic planning begins 8 weeks in advance with speakers coming up with topics and BIG IDEA
  • topic planning -3 elements-1.relevant topic (gets people to listen) 2.cultural theme (gets people to show up) 3.biblical truth (w/o this, its just a show)
  • everything is based off of big idea. teachers, small groups, promotions, arts teams
  • big idea pulled out on weds of the appropriate wk
  • used to build sets according to the series, replaced now with background video elements
  • this wknd is granger’s last 60 min service. going to a 75 min because there was no significant spiritual growth after 5 yrs, and to give a better “experience
  • everytime the bar is raised, that draws talent. talent draws talent

i got way more from this dude but i gotta go catch the next keynote.



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