who i’m digging..

this is who i’m digging. most of them aren’t new by any means, but in most cases i’ve posted little if any about most of these guys. check em:

nic’s blog– it’s my mecca. if i was stuck on a desert island and only allowed to access one webpage, this would be it. twitter-@nicburleson

perry noble-senior pastor-newspring church-man this dude has some of the best stuff. church wise/leadership wise/ just plain life wise. twitter- @perrynoble

tony morgan-chief strategic officer-newspring church-this guy has some really enlightening ideas about what the church is and what the church can be. twitter-@tpmorgan

dave clark-media pastor at national community church in dc. really like what he and mark batterson are up to. twitter- @dave_clark

lifechurch guys-craig groeschel and bobby gruenewald-lifechurch.tv-really creative/stretching things. these guys aren’t afraid to try things and i really dig that. who else would tie iphone and facebook applications in with Jesus? genius stuff i tell you. twitter-@swerve

gary lambrevolution church-if you haven’t podcasted this dude at all, go do it right now HERE. seriously. twitter-@garylamb

david stippick-gentleman and a scholar-i haven’t know this dude long, but so far he’s one of the coolest dudes i know. he’s going on a mission year to ‘nawlins (new orleans) this next year. definitely a big prayer request for that fool. twitter-@stippy87

collide magazine-new cool magazine-my pops introduced me to it, a day later nicky b hands me a copy he got from wibo. ever since i have been a non-stop addict of their site. they’re mainly a church media magazine. their graphics are cool, their stories relevant. they do a lot of stories involving culture, and tech stuff. my new favorite site to visit. twitter-@collidemagazine

barton damer-graphic artist above any other-this cat may have the best graphic stuff i have ever seen. he does stuff for collide (see above), he does stuff for echo conference (more on that to come), he did the whiteboard conference graphics, he is INCREDIBLY GIFTED. i read where one church media guy was asked who he would hire if he could hire anybody, and barton was his answer. his stuff falls in line with my philosophy: making the story of Jesus look cool and intriguing.

who are you digging? anybody new?



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