weekend mind dump


-did nothing all day and it was AWESOME. first real day off in several weeks. i was pretty tired from our day at the party boat thursday.

-friday night went to austin with my pops to eat frank & angies, went to waterloo and bought some vinyl, then did a few more various errands.

-hung out late friday night with jaron and jo eating ice cream and shooting the bull.


-got to see stanley and family for a few minutes, had to give their camera back i had since camp 7/8.

-hung out the afternoon with jaron, jo, and nic deciding what to do that night for our intern dinner

-spent the evening in austin with team spider monkey plus jo and jenna. ate saltgrass (and i was more full than i think i ever have been before), bowled (i did terrible) and ate dessert at applebees. came back to loc and hung out and shot more bull. we do that a lot.


-tough day today. started off feeling weird from so much food i ate last night. sunday school breakfast to honor us interns. even though a lot of those kids are punks, i do like hanging out with em.

-didn’t get to check camp 7/8 dvd for first service until 5 mins before it was supposed to play. of course dvd player didn’t like it, so i had to postpone it until 2nd service so i could switch out dvd player.

-not only was this our (interns) last OFFICIAL sunday, but another big announcement took place today. check that out HERE

-attempted to play in the church golf tourny. i say attempted strictly because it was supposed to be an 18 hole tourny. well team spider monkey only made 9 holes, what we’re used to. we decided it was too hott, so we went and got sno cones and went back to nic’s house and took naps.

-came back to the park to hear one of our buddies, mark tate, who is gonna be a senior at LHS this year, speak for our evening service. and for his first time speaking, heck even if it was his fifth time speaking, he did a great job. he said some things that i would never have the audacity to say to that crowd, but definitely things they needed to hear.


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