video shoot today..

we shot a video today. we had planned to do this prior to this week, however we never got around to doing it like we talked about. so we decided to take the idea we had previously, and tweak it to match nic’s talk tomorrow evening. for a little background of our shoot, we shot on “the drag,” which is guadalupe street in austin right on the ut campus. so here’s a few things i observed during our shoot:

1. it was hot

2. it’s funny how people deny you. from every different excuse possible, to not even acknowledging your existence. i’ve never seen so many people that couldn’t wait to get back to their job. i didn’t know so many people were excited about their place of work. we even got a “no. i’m on vacation” response.

3. we started our questions real vague, then we got more pointed as we went on. usually not really introducing what we were doing, to try and get the most real, authentic answers possible. when people heard the name “God,” their whole demeanor changed. their tone of voice, facial expressions, everything. i’m capturing all the video now, about to edit it all down. but depending on which responses make the cut, watch for when i post the final so you can see and hear what i’m talking about. some of the responses should be intriguing to you.



1 Response to “video shoot today..”

  1. 1 Dad July 30, 2008 at 11:19 am

    Now that your sister is back in the blog world,
    will she be added to the sacred “blogroll?”

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