cool take on technology

this is a piece of an article collide magazine posted early, for the sheer fact it’s deep and the guy might have a point. you might have to read it a few times to really get it.

I think when the technology becomes not only the focal point but the prerequisite, we’ve cheapened not only the art, but our humanity. I’m not against technology. My design firm is filled with high-end technical equipment. But we first practice the fundamental craft of design. We think about things like composition, scale, balance, rhythm, contrast, hospitality, flow. It takes years to learn to master these elements. Technology often presents us with the illusion that you need not think about these things. Yet nothing could be further from the truth if you want your efforts to express something of the human experience. I’m a big fan of technology in service of humanity. It’s the reverse that cheapens us.

that will make you think won’t it. i had been debating on whether to subscribe, this sealed the deal and i submitted my subscription today.



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