where we were this past week..

if you read jaron’s blog like i told you to do, you already know that camp 7/8 was a good week. i would say it rivaled the week we had with high school. i already knew going in things would be a lot less stress and low key. less people were coming, less logistics, and just not as much of a headache. well that may partly be true, but that doesn’t mean God can’t work right?

well He did work. we took a great group of kids, the kids i’d rather hang out with instead of just about any of our high school kids. and whats even more crazy, probably 90% of them didn’t grow up in church. and to see them worship is cool. to see kids from both churches experience a kind of worship that they never have been apart of is cool. i wish we could’ve had one more night. if we would’ve been able to build off of the Wednesday night we had, i can’t imagine what God would’ve done. (i’ve always thought junior high and high school camps need 5 days, preteen get 4). after every camp i’ve ever done, i usually go check out the bands myspace and see people leave comments about how awesome they were. usually this makes me feel like i did awesome as well(because if they sound awesome, that means i did good right? duh.) i read myspace blogs just yesterday about how it was some of these kids best week ever, nothing really on the band’s thing (except for me. ha). it was about what God did. so needless to say, it seems to me like these kids get where the week came from. the experiences they had, they know it wasn’t from a band, or speaker, or from anybody else involved. it was about what God did. and to me thats cool. in church today several of the kids we took brought their families with them to church. that tells me something clicked during the week. cool to be apart of.

“greater things are still to be done here”



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