what my week holds…

we’re doing camp 7/8 this week which is our junior high camp on the lake. it should be fun. i’ve never been, bur from what i’ve heard there is no internet and cell phone reception is sparse. so….that means it’s gonna be a LOONNGG week. no internet and no tweets. but i’ll see what i can do..also gonna be a tough week as far as getting work accomplished, 90% of the things i have to do to make things happen over the course of camp happens because of the internet. so it should be interesting.

summer is winding down, that means school is right around the corner. not really looking forward to it i must say. dont get me wrong i wish summer would never end, but work i am looking a bit forward to.

i have been exploring other options to figure out if there’s something else i can do with myself other than what i’ve been doing the last 2 yrs, and i really have a laundry list a mile long of options(which doesn’t help matters at all). there’s so much i think i need to get done or places i think i need to work to hone the skills i think i need. notice a trend yet? ok i’ll help you out…i think i think i think…i just think too much sometimes. especially selfishly. so i’m pretty sure i know where i’ll be in the fall (unless God changes that in between now and then) and there are a few different things that are in the works for spring and summer 2009. some of it boring, some of it crazy exciting. just not sure where im headed yet. it’s been an interesting last few months, not to mention the last few years, searching and trying to figure out what God is up to. and to be honest i still really don’t have a great grasp on things, but i know what i’m wired for. figuring out how to use that in the best way possible is something i’m still trying to figure out.

aren’t we all.



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