a pictoral weekend mind dump

saturday we went shopping kind of. more like errand running. and i’ve been following the iphone release very closely. reading it on blogs, looking at the new itunes app store ect. i finally moseyed on over to the at&t store and checked the new 3g out. and OH MY GOSH IT IS SICK. and when i say the word sick i mean gross. when i say gross i mean good. it is awesome. i’ve been trying for a year to watch youtube on my phone. so far no dice. so this pic is me, in the store watching my mission ltx video on the phone. and wadda you know who appeared when i took the pic….mark tate. that dude happens to be in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE in the article from the local paper. guess he’s not camera shy. louie giglio even commented on nic’s blog about this vid. go peep it.

i present to you exhibit a. instead of driving range, jenna, jaron and i went bowling. this picture is game 1 and my score is at the top, jenna is in the middle, jaron is at the bottom. notice if you will the 2 strikes in a row in my last frame, to beat jaron by 2 pins. somebody owes me ice cream at marble slab.

exhibit b. or game 2. jenna apparently had been fooling us game 1, and she kicked it into high gear. notice her winning score by 2 pins over jaron. i’m sure she will blog about it at some point so go check hers out if you will. and i know you will.

i just thought it would be cool to take a pic of some of our shure assortment. i do love the stuff. in my shootouts thus far, shure has won BY FAR. other stuff i’ve heard just isn’t as smooth for whatever reason. so if you were wondering, i’m partial to the folks at shure. i throw them a lot of business, and hopefully we’ll throw them some more in the very near future.



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