this guy….

-took flat out revenge on me today in ncaa football 09 from the flat out bludgeoning i gave him sunday

-wouldn’t take no for an answer about this summer, when i had summer school already set, an apartment that would sit empty, and just flat not knowing what i would get myself into. all of which have lead to a great summer so far. would not trade it for a thing. hanging out with team spider monkey is bar none the most fun a person can have.

-when told we would have to work for free, fought to get us as much money as possible, which still isn’t much but it’s a heck of a lot better than nothing at all

-one of the few guys i know that will let his staff (or at least me. i cant speak for the rest of em) have TOTAL creative freedom. now sometimes he asks just to check it out, but i think thats because he wants to be the first to see what you’ve got (at least thats what i tell myself).

-takes chances with me daily and trusts i’ll get things done. on time.

-hired me of all people to be student ministry intern/student ministry media dude/nic burleson’s personal stylist. all 3 super different, time consuming, and rewarding. seeing nic burleson look his best is always rewarding. i call it the joel osteen approach.

-has done incredible things with a youth ministry i never dreamed possible here.

but what can i say? i hired him.



1 Response to “this guy….”

  1. 1 Jo July 16, 2008 at 9:15 am

    you would take credit for that.

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