weekend mind dump

this may have been the most low key weekends yet this summer.

-worked on my video all weekend up until about 10 last nite. really had it finished yesterday afternoon, but just wanted to fine tune some things and really make sure it really was telling the story. heard several good feedback from folks, even the deacons apparently discussed how cool it was so thats was neato gang. superduper. its a cool feeling for people to really dig what you do.

-friday my parents were gone for a funeral most of the day, so i worked most of the day and then went to austin that night just to get away for a bit. had potbelly, went to best buy and bought nothing unfortunately.

-saturday my parents were gone most of the day again for a lunch meeting with one of my pops old friends. and so i just edited. only got out to get lunch, a sno cone, and go to church to get some stuff ready for today.

-i was pumped about today. i couldnt wait to get to church and get things ready. i really wanted our people to see what our kids did this past week. i mean we got a lot accomplished for any group, much less a group of kids.

-band rocked it this morning. 2 of our normal musicians don’t make it until 2nd service, and the difference is night and day. i had to mix both services, so i would know. i even brought my smaart live setup so i could look at pretty pictures during 1st service. not to mention it is rather handy. pops tried out tomlin’s new song “Jesus Messiah” and it was pretty good. and coming from me thats saying a little something because i’m the most critical there is when it comes to music.

-hung out with jo and team spider monkey -1. i’m not sure if jo is apart of team spider monkey, or if its no girls allowed so i’ll have to check on that one. we had good conversation. still trying to get some things figured out and what God’s up to. but it’ll come. and i got several good cuts on my foot.

-if you haven’t seen my twitter today, go HERE and look at my latest twitpic from me and nic’s ncaa football match today in anticipation of ncaa09 dropping this week. don’t worry about reading it on his blog, lets just say he wants to put it behind him.

should be a pretty chill week. doing another rainbow express for one of the other complexes in town thru weds. then schiltterbahn thursday, then day off friday, and who knows what before camp 7/8 next week.


ps here’s the mission ltx vid.


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