mission a/yec week

so i started feeling bad because i threaten to take peeps of my blogroll for not blogging, when i havent blogged regularly myself so… i was going through my rss’s tonight from last wk and saw jenna’s post from last wk. i’m pretty sure she composed it in the laundry room of our hotel, and she has two incredible stories of some of the things that went on with our students at mission a last wk. and no, i’m not talking about the drama night.

the first is about my boy sherbert. and googling that name will get you nowhere buy wikipedia for frozen fruit juice. it’s his alias, and for good reason. this kid may be one of the funniest, geekiest kids i’ve ever met. so check out what he did here. here are most of the pics i have from the wk, mission a and yec combined. i told somebody today when asked how yec went, it was good but it didnt touch what we experienced at mission a. i’ve heard it said many times at different events, why experience something only once a year when it could be done on a weekly basis wherever you are. whether it be missions in your town, or doing church differently. it can be done.



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