busy week ahead

got a busy week coming up folks..

leave tomorrow morning for MA (mission arlington). i’ve heard of ma through the grapevine for several years, but this will be my first experience so i’m looking forward to it. everyone else comes home friday after six flags, but i am scheduled to head over to dallas and do my normal yec thing. i’ve helped out every year for about the last 5-6 years except for last yr because it was hard for me to get a day off. they’re supposedly short on volunteers so i’m supposed to take on another role of some type with artist relations. which means i’ll either have a story about how cool somebody was, or another story to add to the many i already have of people that i can never listen to again because they were straight up pre madonnas. but the yec folks always treat us nice. who else can say they’ve broken bread with mark hall, or set up drums for audio a, or raided big daddy weave’s dressing room, or been in on salvador’s pre-show prayer, or almost be frisked by rebecca st. james’ security…not many….

throughout all my travels this next LONG week, one thing is for sure. iTwitter. do you? so click on the pic and check out my page or make one for yourself and have my updates come to your phone.

ps-the new coldplay is OUTSTANDING. go to this link here and buy it. seriously. do it. now. what are you waiting for. it will change your life. ok maybe not, but you never will know unless you go download it. would i ever lead you astray?



1 Response to “busy week ahead”

  1. 1 Jo June 26, 2008 at 3:19 pm

    so how is your first MA experience…

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