beach break day 1

finally i got to sleep in…made it to 820 today…last wk it was 720…so anyway first thing was bible study….hadn’t even started yet and sprinkler’s came on, so everybody sprinted to the pool area for some shelter from the sprinkler’s, gathered around the end of the pool and doug (one of pville’s associates) did his talk in 3 ft of water which was kind of cool. then we had group talkback times and then played rec. today rec was a scavenger hunt which went ok and my team dominated and of course won. after that was lunch and i edited the first bit of the afternoon. went to the pool and the beach after that and did some duties and came back and cleaned up in the room and went to a shop with manly stanley. after that i showed stan & tom some final cut stuff. then worship which went ok. then small group then church time. pretty uneventful-eventful day.

i’m finding final cut makes putting together stuff quickly extremely easy. the drag and dropness of it is superb. and this is all after spending less than a wk on it. which i CANNOT say for avid. final cut also has flashier FX with it, although i wish i had A LOT more.

as far as mixing goes, i’m finding my way around the o1v nicely now. i picked it up real easy the first day, but i got so used to the M7 and it’s easy functionality, the 01v some things hopefully they changed in V2 (which we have at work to do audio for video but i havent gotten to mess with much)
missed a call from clay today all the way from europe. i was not happy about that. i hear they’re having fun though

i leave you with more picture of jordan and hopefully my day 1 video will get uploaded tonight and i will post that asap.

greater things have yet to come, greater things are still to be done here.



1 Response to “beach break day 1”

  1. 1 Johanna June 11, 2008 at 12:22 am

    thanks for the video bud – it doesn’t make me feel so far away.

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