beach break day 0

it’s 12:05 am from where i’m sittin, so i guess it’s actually the beginning of day 1. and zero’s not over yet. since about 4pm till now i’ve felt like i was running around with my head cut off. it’s been insane to say the least. began with an attempted load in and i say attempted becuase we had no key to the building like they said we would. so that delayed us a bit, and then we finally got loaded in and just about everything worked. at least the stuff we brought backups for. no XO=no sub. no wireless receiver =no speaker’s mic. that’s really the biggest things so all in all for what we had to work with, i would say not bad. night really went of without a hitch. band was good, speaker talked and then we had our group times. so i’ve begun the editing process and as we speak i’m capturing. i mixed tonight, so i let one of the pville kids film the worship time which helps me out a lot, but it means i have to filter through everything and i dont know what he shot. it’ll be all good though. i leave you with some of those pictures of jordan i promised. enjoy



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