love, love, love love love austin texas

although it’s cool to be away, it’s good to be home. home means cooked meals, fast internet, daily access to some of the greatest food on earth (ie: austin, tx), and GREAT FRIENDS. i’m not gonna give you a restaurant review, but i finally got to try hut’s and it was dang good. the best burger i’ve had in town for sure. i went with my parents to austin memorial day to take some stuff to goodwill and then i was hoping to be able to try
frank & angie’s but they were closed for memorial day. so we ended up at matt’s el rancho. not a bad 2nd choice! should be an easy week this wk and we hit it hard next wk.
until then,



1 Response to “love, love, love love love austin texas”

  1. 1 Clay May 29, 2008 at 12:08 pm

    Funny you should blog about this type of subject because just the other day I got frustrated just thinking about all of the wonderful food we miss out on being away from home. Especially because there really aren’t those “marquee” eateries here in College Station, unless you drop about 50 bucks a plate at Christophers, The Republic, Bell Ranch Steak House, etc… The only place that would probably be successful in Austin would be Hullabaloo Diner… When we get back to the LOC, we need to hit up some good ol’ Lockhart BBQ. Maybe a taste test day between Kreuz and Smitty’s to settle it once and for all!

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