"meet me in chicago, down by the water line."

here’s a quick rundown of the weekend prior to last night (sunday the 10th).

thursday night i left college station (so nice when i get to leave) after class and went to p-ville to jeremy and kari’s casa for the friday festivities that kari and i had secretly planned. actually kari had planned, i deserve no credit whatsoever. all i did was have some sort of an idea what was going on and drive. if you have yet to figure out what the festivities were, it was a scavenger hunt. i’ll direct you to jeremy’s blog for more details on that.

friday evening i got to have dinner with my buddy jordan and went to see chuck and larry with stan and mrs windy and jer and kar. the jury is still out on my thoughts on that movie. it was funny, but im probably not any better off having seen it. after the movie, still in birthday mode, we wanted to go to 6th st. to a comedy/improv club called esther’s follies. ive heard great things over the years about it, so we wanted to go check it out. well the last showing was at 10 and we didnt get done with the movie and things in time. so then we ended up going to mozart’s on lake austin blvd right next to hula hut. it was the second time i have been out that way, this time at night and i still loved it. place like that is just another reason why i miss austin.  i got some slammin fruit tart thing and a cappuccino served in a soup bowl-ish glass. it was outstanding. foam and all. and sat right by the lake, only light from the moon and the candle lit coffee shop. it was a tranquil experience.
saturday i woke up and headed straight for college station to meet my dad for the aggie game. he accompanied me since it was an early game. turned out to be a great game despite the extreme heat index of 150 on the field, which we were mere rows from, and standing the whole time (we cheated however and sat down. it was hot. so sue us.) anywho, no matter who you were rooting for, it was a great football game all the way around. well not all the way around but it was exciting. 
After the game, it was my turn to go to work. for every home game its my job to take the footage from the main top camera and put that into the computer to be edited sunday afternoon for whats called the 12th man video, which alumni purchase every week as well as for internet stream on aggieathletics.com. The only problem is you can’t do it any faster than 1X. So it does take the whole 4 hrs the game took. This wk i had 2 editors capturing so it cut down immensely. i got done about 11pm and headed home to arrive a little after 1am.
sunday went to church, then headed to p-ville for the big show. headed downtown a few hrs before showtime to eat and whatnot. got some  grub at potbelly sandwich works on the drag, which i highly recommend by the way. after that we got our tickets and later went to the show.



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