first wk and beyond

every year at this time, i remember why i enjoy summer so much. could it be the scorching heat? the sweat filled days? the ever growing theme park lines?…well yes and no….but in reality, its because I dislike school so much. the work, the class, the stress, the lack of money in my pocket..i could go on and on really… we started school this past monday, the 27th… and it went…. debated the whole wk whether to drop physics, finally did within the last possible hr. only to add botany…yeah….botany….so excited. but other than that the schedule is pretty decent. history of jazz, prof is actually a jazz pianist. other profs should really take notes from this guy. he lights up like no other when he talks about jazz. why cant other profs do the same, and display their love for whatever subject? anywho, i also have an art history class, and finally sign language 3. hopefully these classes will help me get that gpa up. i know mother would appreciate that.

this year at work im doing the internet stream of home volleyball games..pretty lame but its pretty fun. my other assignment is to capture footage into the computer from the main top camera for football and the highlight reel from our instant replay machine. which i do right after the games are over, several games begin at 6pm. you do the math. has to be done before sunday’s because that footage is used for the “12th Man Video”, which i edited last yr, that the alums pay for the whole game tape.

this past wk i did take part in filming a commercial to be shown during football games this yr, i share about a 3 second spot with 2 other of my co workers. for the aggie bucket of corn. i helped edit it as well, and i must say we went in with the sole intent of making it the corniest commercial possible. and i must say i think we succeeded. so if you people venture to a game, be looking for my beautiful face.

getting ready for Mat Kearney show on sunday the 9th at la zona sure to come


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