its been a wk…

well folks its been pretty much the longest week…i even had tuesday off and it still felt like an eternity..

this wks job has been at the greater austin bureau of real estate or something to that effect..they have this huge ballroom of a thing that is pretty sweet..building is only 6 months old, problem being that they dont have an audio system..they had a fender passport, and for those of you who dont know what that is, that plays to 25 people max…so they need some desperate help…

this wk i work monday, tuesday and weds i’m off and goin to H town w/my family and immediate-extended family (taylors) to see my astros play…i dont know who…how bad is that…

i often post videos, mostly cuz of the song in here’s a hillsong united song entitled “the stand”, and this is them singing it as well….words are incredible, as their stuff always is..what a message, what a declaration….

“so i’ll stand, with arms high and heart abandoned. in awe of the one who took my place. so i’ll stand, my soul Lord to you surrendered. all i am, is yours.”



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