times like these, and times like those

well folks…it’s all said and done…it’s all over but the….cleanup?? haha..i have no pics to post, the photog has all theirs…i will provide a link to her gallery as soon as they are up…so keep checking around..

i would like to thank all of you that came and showed your support for megan and clay as well as both our families…many of you not only came, but helped out in so many ways that this would not have been possible..whether you were told personally or not, thank you..

times like these i love because i get to see family as well as many familiar faces that have moved on from lockhart that have touched megan and clay’s life as well as mine..several coaches that coached clay and i at different times, 2 of the 4 have moved on from coaching and into admin…i was told by my favorite coach ever, coach brock, that kids like me are the reason he gets into coaching….but coaches like him are why kids like me want to play for them…coaches that not only coach you in a sport but also care about you and coach you in life….

really no idea why i wanted to share that..anyways

until next time


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